Return 2 Recess, L.L.C. -

Because this is the way to play!!!

Hi there!  My name is Kim.

  Quite simply, I feel that "recess" and play never really get old.  We, as adults, just seem to outgrow the need for it as other things tend to grab our attention - which is perfectly natural.  Sometimes, though, foregoing a little time for "recess," and our capacity for play, is the very thing that helps speed along the aging process.

As a former Health, Physical Education and Exceptional Children's teacher, I am still teaching and coaching and absolutely loving it after almost 18 years.  And, I must be honest when I say that few things compare to watching others thrive and experience positive change.  

That's why I still love what I do!  

I hold a M.S. in The Health Sciences and Health Education, a B.S. in Physical Education and am a super strong advocate for healthy, sustainable living, "recess" and the art of PLAY!

(It's fun, you know...)

We were designed to move.  We weren't meant to be sedentary (or too serious for that matter), but it does happen.  I figure, we are busy enough.  Isn't it time that we take a few minutes, just for ourselves, and get back to what we loved so very much and couldn't wait to do as kids?  

And, that's a time, YOUR time for "recess!"