Return 2 Recess, L.L.C. -

Because this is the way to play!!!

Cooperative group games

​​​From fun hurdles (don't worry, they're only 8-9 inches off the ground) to hula hoops, jump ropes and beyond - there's a little something for everyone.  

Let's take the hurdles, for example.  

Stepping over hurdles promotes the bending and lifting of your knees, but you can also dribble a ball over the hurdles - making it more of a challenge.  

Like target practice?  Me, too! 

So, while working on your throwing and tossing skills, why not move further and further away from your target and THEN try to hit your mark!  You see?  

You can make these warm up activities as simple or as challenging as you wish!!

Plus, there are the GAMES, too!!   

Easy Relay Races

An all-time favorite: relay races are just downright fun!  Enjoy being part of a team and even give yourself permission to act a little goofy.  

Relays are a wonderful opportunity to cheer for others and be cheered for, too!  There's no need to be a super-athlete - just a desire to have some fun! 

​** And, remember... games and activities are set up for you but the idea is to enjoy - and move freely as only you can.​ **

Cooperative games are not just really amusing - but you can make up your own games, too!  

You'll laugh, enjoy the support of others and play games such as Tag (with pool noodles), Moonball and many others.

Remember the parachute?  Yep!  We got that, too!!!

About the class:

You'll see all sorts of cool stuff to play with in a "Return 2 Recess!" class.

There's playground balls, beanbags, beach balls, hula hoops and so much more!

Everything is set up for you.  

There is always a demonstration and a chance to ask questions so that you can feel comfortable and ready to play!

Below are just a few of the fun warm-up activity stations you'll find..

Fun team games

Team games are fun, non-competitive and include "Beach Ball Volleyball," "Clean up your Backyard" and many other favorites such as "Steal the Bacon."