"Recess"can assist us in:

* Laughing, exploring and reconnecting 

(with ourselves - and others) 

* Fueling the imagination

(by seeking new ways of approaching and solving)  

* Changing existing patterns

(by endeavoring in new directions and fostering new relationships) 

* Creating newly found independence

(by facing new challenges)

* Nurturing self-expression

(by embracing newly found abilities) 

And, to do so in a manner that's fun?!  

Well, that just makes it all worthwhile!

And, the best part?  You'll be keeping fit without even realizing it!

​(too much...)



"Recess" will provide you with: 

​​* Exercise

(in a FUN way!)

* A new recreational skill set 

(catching, tossing and kicking to name a few)

* ​​Range of Motionexercises

(which allow us to move more freely)

​Plus... you can:

encourage fine motor skills 

(gasping small playground balls and beanbags will support grip strength!)

* Use those hip flexors

(which aid in bending and lifting our knees!)

(just step over a few hurdles!)

"Recess" is also a way to help achieve:

* Balance

* Cardiovascular Endurance

* Coordination

* Flexibility

​* Muscular Strength

​(to name a few...)

"​​​Recess​" is an opportunity to:

* Have fun!  

* Take a break from all of life's "shoulds:"

(it's an opportunity for the grown-ups to lose the adult mind-set for a bit and feel like a kid again!)

*Unleash the tension:

(not just in our thoughts, but in our bodies as well)

* Let out a long, deep breath:

(something we should do much more of)

It is, truly, a great STRESS-BUSTER and a great way to step

outside of and increase your Comfort Zone!

Emotionally and Socially...

Return 2 Recess, L.L.C. -

Because this is the way to play!!!