“Kim offers programs for the whole family to enjoy.  Her passion for fun and fitness comes through in every program she develops.  Great to see all ages playing together and having fun and promoting fitness for the whole family.  We look forward to the next program with Return 2 Recess!”

Julie Collins - Program Specialist, Community Recreation

Bond Park Community Center, Cary, NC

"What Fun!

Do you remember “field days” in elementary school, when all the kids got to wear shorts to school and skip their classes to play games and test their skills at volleyball, hula hoop, obstacle course, and relay races? Kim’s class brought me right back to that!  She’s a warm and down-to-earth fitness professional who provides a welcome, safe environment for adults of all skill levels to play the games they thought they’d never play again once they grew up!

After a quick warm up, we tried our hand at relay races involving balloons and beanbags.  Then on to a game of balloon volleyball, followed by a spirited beanbag toss contest. Before I knew it, the hour was over, and I felt happy, relaxed, and like a kid again!

Thanks, Kim!  I enjoyed it, and I’m looking forward to my next “recess!”"  

Karen M., Chapel Hill, NC

"Kim's class, Return 2 Recess, is one of the most fun things that I have ever done!! Not only is it filled with great exercise, you think you are just having fun playing with friends, laughing, moving around, etc. I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone who wants to get more exercise while having a GREAT time!!"

Sandy M., Chapel Hill, NC

"As adults, we sometimes forget to make time for fun!  We are so busy with our hectic lives and have forgotten what it felt like as kids to play...  We may feel intimidated to jump back into activities at our age - but Kim helps to erase this fear through a fun, friendly non-competitive environment in her new Return2Recess classes!

​​I have attended Kim's classes and highly recommend them.  They are extremely fun and engaging in a friendly, non-competitive environment.  If it has been a long time since you've participated in physical activity or play, this is the right place to start!  Plus, you'll enjoy them even if you are currently very active - and you will definitely look forward to the next class.

Kim has made it a mission to bring fun back in our adult lives and is SO passionate about making lives better."

Liz L., Chapel Hill, NC

"The class I attended with Kim was a wonderful mix of Yoga, stretching, cardio and games.  Here I am, sitting at my kitchen window, feeling relaxed - having attempted things I haven't tried in years - and feeling perfect, too..."

Pat B., Chapel Hill, NC

Perhaps it's time to "Return 2 Recess?"

They came, they played... and here's what they're saying...

Return 2 Recess, L.L.C. -

Because this is the way to play!!!