Return 2 Recess, L.L.C. -

Because this is the way to play!!!

​It's fun and... it's good for you!

​Plus... amusing, games are added all the time!!

Emotionally and socially:

​"Recess affords us an opportunity to relieve our stress and release the emotions that, sometimes, keep a pretty tight hold on us, but in ways that are really amusing.  Simple play also supports the bridging of healthy relationships with others.  Talk about BENEFITS!


"Recess" provides movement, which encourage gross motor and fine motor skill development!  Plus, you can learn all sorts of other skills that can be utilized in other recreational pursuits, too!

Take a look at the BENEFITS page to learn more.


​"Recess and our need for play, quite simply, has so many wonderful benefits!

From physical to social and beyond, "recess," if even for an hour, can free us of all our responsibilities.

It's, actually, quite liberating!

Take a look at the BENEFITS page to learn more about the importance of "recess!"