Return 2 Recess, L.L.C. -

Because this is the way to play!!!

"Kim offers programs for the whole family to enjoy.  Her passion for fun and fitness comes through in every program she develops." ~ Julie C,

Town of Cary, Bond Park Community Center

"I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone who wants to get more exercise while having a great time!! ~ Sandy M.


Remember that break in the day when you enjoyed some play time with others (or on your own) and had FUN?!

Those times are back!  It's time to:

Plus, if you're interested in Staff DevelopmentPrivate Parties and Family Nights... 
We can design a class around that, too!  How fun is that?!

​​​​That's right! 

Return 2 Recess is a super fun exercise class for children of ALL ages!! 

All with a focus on PLAY!!  


​​So, whether you're a grown-up or looking for some family fun, you can:

* Take a fun break from the everyday

* Play new games (or enjoy the classics!)

* Learn some new "skills" (and it's always good to have "skills!")

All while having a great time!! 

Here's a short, little video to explain even more!!